Progressive Psychotherapy

Women's Group


Women's Self- Empowerment Group

For women who want to change a pattern of relationships with men who are abusive.  Learn how to improve self-esteem to change this pattern for Healing and Manifesting

This is a special group for women who want to face and overcome the obstacles that limit both enjoying life and creating their sense of purpose in life.

Obstacles may be a lack of confidence, emotional or relationship struggles, or even health related. In fact, learning how to take care of and appreciate oneself is part of learning how to move forward to enjoy life and create a beautiful gratifying purpose.

Once you face and overcome your obstacles, deep within, is your seed that empowers your gift of being, your gift of creating……love….more.

Please bring with you an intention of what you want to heal or manifest in your life, meditating on it in advance of attending.

We will build energy flow, and the following approaches will become powerful to help you heal.


  1. Inner child work to address the emotional blocks to what you want to create. This is very important basis to build toward the next two approaches  toward your change.

  2. Energy psychology can create a significant release and move toward integrating a new belief pattern.

  3. Family constellations: Building a constellation of family of origin to address and change old belief patterns. This very powerful approach is worth observing on You Tube and seeing more about the process.

The following provides a good description of the family constellations including videos:

Learn About Family & Systemic Constellation Therapy Ed Lynch’s Connecticut based website.