Progressive Psychotherapy

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Debra Franklin, LCSW

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Debra Franklin, LCSW, created Progressive Psychotherapy.TM She developed the Heart
Path Therapy.TM approach and offers training in Heart Path Therapy to therapists in
Connecticut and NY. She provides psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families
in Ellenville, NY and distance therapy and coaching online and by phone for other
locations. She travels to Connecticut and Golden Drum, Brooklyn (see
to facilitate Spiritual Empowerment and Family Constellations, and other healing
workshops, as well as individual healing sessions.
Debra has 30 years of psychotherapeutic experience with adults, families, children, groups, and
couples since receiving her MSW from Smith College. She trains and supervises therapists
under Progressive Psychotherapy. She and other Progressive Psychotherapy therapists are
inspiring a growing community in Hartford County and the Golden Drum in Ellenville, NY. Her
work and personal and spiritual development is inspired by the guidance of her spiritual teacher,
Maestro Manuel Rufino who created the Golden Drum community.
Credentials & Education:
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, MSW, Smith College School for Social Work
Post Graduate Certificate in Child Treatment, Boston University
Certificate in Totem Pole Imagery Process, Institute for Visualization Research
Certificate of Training in Family Constellations
Training in PSYCH-K®
Training in Metaphoric Resonance by Hugh and Vogue Smith
Training in Henry Grayson’s Energy Psychology
Training in Family Constellations by Bert Hellinger
Former Columnist for Holistic Health Publications
Past President of the Connecticut Holistic Health Association


Melissa Shute

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Kristen Larson-Samalus, LCSW

 Kristen Larson-Samalus

Kristen Larson-Samalus

Kristen Larson-Samalus, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with more than 20 years in the
human service field. She has been working with all ages and concerns through Heart Path
Therapy,TM mindfulness teaching, MoKvaKonal Therapy, CBT, art, music, and play. She is soluKon
focused and helps people transform the root of their difficulKes, including inner child work and
guided imagery. She works with people individually, as a family, and in groups.
Kristen is Tobacco Treatment Specialist, Community organizer, Reiki pracKKoner, Cacao
facilitator, AuthenKc Games facilitator, and Creator of the Untold Stories Project (). Her focus is
on a community connecKon, integraKve and mulKcultural pracKce of compassionate healing
and growth.