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HEART PATH THERAPY® for therapists

Heart Path Therapy For Therapists ®

The best therapists are those that have experienced a powerful inner healing. There are many wonderful psychological and spiritual healing techniques, but until you heal your own wounds in order to really free your heart, mind, and intuition, those techniques will not be fully effective.

As you transform, you empower love, understanding, intuition, and compassion, the most important ingredients to healing. Integrate those with spiritual approaches, sound healing, guided imagery, and energy psychology, and you will discover and empower your true therapeutic gifts. You can learn to see and feel clients “wounds” even before they talk about them and intuitively guide them through a very beautiful life changing journey once you have traversed your own.

The Heart Path Therapy® for Therapists combines powerful healing approaches from ancient spiritual wisdom with modern uses of guided imagery, Family Constellations, inner child work, sound healing, and energy psychology. This transformational workshop will take you on an inner journey to experiencing life in a new way.  In turn you can become a uniquely creative psychotherapist.

Debra experienced deeply transformational healing and spiritual development with many different gifted teachers. After helping many clients and other therapists in their process she developed the Heart Path Therapy for Therapists™ for Therapists.


Monday, September 16, 2019, 9:30 am - 4:00 pm in Hartford. 6 CE’s for all licensed psychotherapists, approved by NASW. Sponsored by UConn School For Social Work Continuing Education Program. Please go to for more information and registration.


The training in Heart Path Therapy® for Therapists will take place in 21 hours each of 4 weekends, totaling 84 hours. Most likely location is Bloomfield, CT. CE’s for LCSW’s, LMFT's, LPC's, and licensed psychologists in Connecticut pending. New program planned as follows (some adjustments may be made prior to start based on registrants needs): November 15-17, 2019; 2019: January 17-19 2020; March 6-8 2020, April 24-26 2020. Each day of the three day weekend, Friday-Sunday, will be 9:00 am-5:30 pm with an hour and half break for lunch. If there is a cancellation due to inclement weather, a make-up weekend or days will be worked out with participants.

Cost: $1200 for entire program of 84 hours. Guaranteed to bring you deep transformational healing, along with personal, professional, and spiritual growth. It is experiential, with opportunities to practice spiritual tools, intuition, and various therapeutic tools on each other.

for Therapists, Practitioners, and Coaches, with CE’s

This will take place in the Catskills of NY State, September 27-29, 2019. 15 CE’s pending approval in Connecticut LCSW’s, and LMFT's, LPC's, and licensed psychologists in Connecticut. If outside of Connecticut and you are a licensed social worker, check your local state NASW for approval (unfortunately New York does not approve out of state CE’s for any workshops).

This weekend training in Heart Path Therapy® For Therapists will include not only training in this process, but lots of opportunity for your own healing including Sound Healing musicians from the Golden Drum, Yoga, and a Sweat Lodge  all oriented to your healing and development as wise, intuitive psychotherapists. Debra Franklin’s teacher of her intentional community, Maestro Manuel Rufino may be available to meet and discuss healing related to mental health and orient the sweat lodge accordingly. Also, exceptional vegetarian cuisine is included. Visit Heart Path Therapy® Retreat website for more details.


All of the above include the following. The full training of course takes you much deeper into this experiential learning:

  • Seeing and feeling energy, ways to keep your energy and that of your environment clear and protected, introduction to guided imagery and sound for healing, feeling your intuition

  • Understand the roots of all emotional struggles, via the inner child and ancestral wounds

  • The power of prayer/intention/ affirmations

  • Inner Child work through guided imagery

  • Energy Psychology

  • Integrating guided imagery, and energy and the challenging emotions, using them as gateways for healing

  • Chakras and energy centers integrated with healing tools

  • Integrating some useful concepts from Family Constellations by Bert Hellinger as well as some work with that tool.

  • All therapists and healers whom offer psychotherapy and counseling services are welcome. CE’s will be available for LCSW’s, LMFT’s, LPC’s, and other licensed psychotherapists.

Location for most of the above: 3 Barnard Lane, top floor, Room 310,  Bloomfield, CT.

Please email or call 860-995-3457 if you have questions.


Heart Path Therapy® For Therapists

Become An Inspired and Empowered Psychotherapist

Heal Yourself In Order to Help Others Heal