Progressive Psychotherapy

Family Wisdom Evening



With mindful practices and lively stories and song, we will bring the beauty of the heart wisdom from the spiritual traditions for families who wish  to grow in  harmony, love, and peace.

With FUN and RELAXING practices, stories, and songs, we can learn how to live in love, peace, and harmony with ourselves, our families, our communities, and our planet earth.

FOR  AGES 5 and up, let’s come together, as a community, to raise our consciousness  about what is most important in our lives.

Even children can identify a budding sense of purpose  with meditative exercises, wise stories from the spiritual traditions, and songs that open  hearts and minds to love,  beauty, and gratitude.

Let’s become a  spiritually empowered community. Parents , children, and adults together  can  learn: the purpose and art of meditation; mindfulness; songs that empower the heart and mind; stories that inspire us to heal, love, and serve—to remember why we are on this earth; and how to bring to each other and the world what is most important: love and respect toward ourselves, our families, our community, mother earth, and the animals.  Learning how to live in harmony with the planet, the animals, and each other.

Let’s Bring Out the LIGHT in OURSELVES AND OUR CHILDREN: and help our children BECOME MAGIC and open our HEARTS TO OUR MAGIC!

20% proceeds to M.A.I.S.C., a non-profit that supports elders of native traditions and their healing and peace raising workshops throughout the world.